Is Cycling Safe for Pregnant Women

Cycling is known as one type of sport as well as a fun means of transportation. In addition to making the heart healthy, outdoor cycling is also possible to see the scenery. But is cycling safe for pregnant women? Although previously often and adept at cycling, pregnant women need to remember that the body's ability to maintain balance decreases during pregnancy. Likewise with the center of gravity on Bumil's body. The Right Time to Cycling for Pregnant Women So when is cycling still allowed for pregnant women? Riding a bicycle can still be a healthy sport during the first trimester of pregnancy. Bicycles that support body weight can relieve the pressure on the body of pregnant women. However, this exercise needs to be done carefully and is not recommended after the first trimester. The balance of the body and the center of gravity in the body of a pregnant woman changes, so that they are more at risk of falling after the first trimester, especially in third trimester pr
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